OEM Production & Collector's Editions





Action Figures

Covering a multitude of styles and price points, with packaging options to meet your distribution needs


Resin Statues & Collectibles

Poly-Resin Statues based on a wide range of scales, brands, styles and packaging solutions.



Integrated LED lights

Sound activated

Variety of sizes available

Pose-able armatures add value and brand authenticity

Prop Replicas

Prop Replicas bring the brand to life with a ride range of scales, materials and price points


Event Specific Merchandise

We invented the Comic Con Exclusive Action Figure!

Limited Run Merchandise

PowerUp can run your store onsite with Point-of-Sale Services and Warehousing, including all local sales taxes.

Printed Materials

Fine Art, Comic Books, Retro Lunchboxes


Promotional Materials

From T-Shirts to Coffee Mugs, any item with a logo is possible.

Our Apparel experience ranges from basic T-shirts to Custom Hockey jerseys and everything in between.

We've produced countless items for giveaway, staff, sales meetings, and even for sale.

Electronic Accessories & Peripherals

Past and Present Partners